Site Owners

Are you interested in hosting a textile recycling bank?

This page covers the benefits to you as a site owner and also our service level to you.
If you know you already want a recycle bank for textiles or have a question then please - Click here to contact us.


Local authorities and super markets provide designate areas for “bring banks” for most recyclables including textiles.
Other premises like Pubs, local shops, post offices, Schools, Community centres, Petrol stations, Mosques, and Churches with some spare space also provide recycling facilities to make it that little bit easier for the public.

image of a textile recycling bank on siterecycle unwanted textiles in a textile recycling bin

We currently have 100 textile recycling sites in London and the home counties and a further 140 in Wales and we are constantly looking for more. Click here to find your nearest recycling bank


We use metal textile banks (Fabricated by Metal Masters Ltd – a major banks supplier to local authorities). The banks come in 3 different sizes, but the ‘Metro’ which is most popular with smaller sites is 1664mm high x 1250mm wide x 990mm deep.

If you have a non residential property and would be interested in hosting a textile recycling bank, please Click here to contact us.


We would pay a monthly rent for the space and make a monthly donation to The North
London Hospice
or any other charity of your choice.

Supply a new, secure, and properly labelled bank.

The bank would be insured against public liability.

The bank would have a 24hr contact numbers (Free number during office hours)

We would empty the bank regularly and only between 7am and 7pm.

We would keep the site clean and tidy by removing any rubbish dumped around the bank.

Guarantee to remove the bank in no more than 7 days if asked to do so.

You would increase local awareness of your site and ‘Green’ credentials.